Release v1.25.6

Fixed App loading sequence - Transak SDK’s initiation code threw an exception that broke the app upon loading. This was caught and resolved.


Release v1.25.4

Update made on April 2nd, 2023

Changes to the Exchange

  • Updated exchange section to add a UI warning notice for Ledger users to update to support Versioned Transactions.

  • Added a toggle option in the settings for the Exchange to turn off Versioned Transactions for ledger users.

  • Added a toggle option in the settings for the Exchange to allow β€˜Direct routes only’. This enhances response time at the expense of less optimal pricing.

Error handling

  • Handled transaction errors so we are able to communicate transaction errors such as β€˜Slippage tolerance exceeded’, so users can decide whether to tweak slippage.


Release v1.25.0

Update made on March 18th, 2023.


  • Updated the Date and Time display during a Vesting Contract’s Stream creation to correctly reflect the starting date/time.

  • Corrected an issue with the burn instruction when closing a token account with 6+ decimals mint, corresponding to large balance amounts.

Maintenance Updates

  • Updated the Jupiter exchange aggregator to latest version (Sat Mar 18, 2023).

  • Updated Solana Wallet Adapter to the latest version (Sat Mar 18, 2023).


Release v1.24.12

Bug FixesImprovements

-Resolved an issue that prevented the "Streaming Accounts" section from refreshing correctly when an account was closed.

-Resolved an issue that prevented the "Payment Streams" section from refreshing correctly when a Stream was closed.

-Enhanced "Vesting Contract" creation process so that date selection allows the reselection of the day in course after selecting a different starting date.

-Fixed issue with "Add Funds" on "Vesting Contracts" that caused erratic behavior in the Vesting section after attempt.

-Improved the "Close Account" functionality for Tokens, as sometimes it displayed as disabled.


Release v1.24.11

  • Corrected links within the application that directed users to β€˜…’ and correctly changed them to direct to β€˜…’.


Release v1.24.10

  • Performed general dependency maintenance to the app in order to patch possible vulnerabilities.

  • Updated the Staking section to provide a minor quality of life improvement. Now, sMEAN to MEAN quotes are able to be viewed before actually performing the action. This will show in the bottom half of the unstake section, and will show how much MEAN is worth a given amount of sMEAN being unstaked.


Release v1.24.9

- Provided an update to include a Credix integration update for multisig apps.


Release v1.24.8

  • Provided a necessary change in the fallback RPC endpoint to Triton, as Solana’s public RPC wasn’t working correctly. This is backend work.


Release v1.24.7

- Provided a fix to the β€˜Exchange’ section as it did not behave correctly with Phantom wallet. This fix recovered Phantom wallet’s mobile functionality for iOS, while Android is still pending some adjustments to be made later.

-Fixed a broken USDT token icon that had stopped loading and updated using the image source directly.


Release v1.23.0

New Feature

-After a proposal is approved, any signer can execute instead of only the proposer

- Enable Trust Wallet bugfixes

- Format values in Proposal instruction

- Fix wrong address being shown in the protocol details

- Fix Program details panel (authority and is upgradable)

- Fix messages when adding funds to a stream in multisig context

- Smooth messaging timing in multisig ops to avoid notification overlapping

- Update docs site url

- Correct initial β€œNo balance” message in recurring exchange

- Add proper notification text for both single/multisig TXS to close stream/pause/resume stream

- Fix personal account copy address functionality

- Reload when user changes account on the wallet extension

- Fix account address color in light mode